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Who are we?

Eesti Logistica Inter Cargo OÜ is a fast-growing company which has been operating in the area of logistics since 2020. Our company provides all services related to logistics. It provides cargo transportation by sea, railway (in all types of railway cars), motorized and combined transport. We take a professional approach to ensuring the safe transportation of oversized, and temperature-controlled cargoes, while offering door to door cargo delivery. We perform cargo transportation within the CIS countries (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc.), Europe and Central Asian countries. The fundamental principle and goal of ELIC is to deliver cargo to its destination for the best price and in a safe and timely manner. We offer our clients combined cargo transportation using their choice of transport. Should the need arise and according to time resources and the client’s requests, cargo can be shipped to its final destination point by road, sea or road–rail, etc.

Estonia, Tallin, Punane str. 14a-319, 13619


Mail. eestilogistik@gmail.com

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